8 Chick Flicks That Guys Secretly Like

Chick flicks are generally regarded as movies aimed at a certain kind of woman. They often deal with romance, personal tragedy, and other tear-jerking situations. So why would a manly man want to go through any of that? Well, maybe they’re not as straight as they’d thought, or they genuinely like these kinds of stories. Or both.

Here are some chick flicks that guys will secretly enjoy.

1. Pitch Perfect
Becca, played by Anna Kendrick, discovers her uncanny ability to sing and joins the acapella group — The Bellas. Then there’s a singing contest drama, relationship issues, betrayal, oh, and then there’s the hilarious character of Rebel Wilson. Why do guys love this one? Let’s see. It has catchy tunes, Anna Kendrick is in it, it’s actually funny, and did I mention Anna Kendrick is in it? Yeah.

2. La La Land
What could be more heart-warming than seeing Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling singing and dancing like a love-crazed couple of loonies? These two want to reach the top no matter the cost. Both are absurdly talented, so watching their story unfold is a lot of fun not only for women but also for dude-bros, even if they don’t always admit it.


3. Freaky Friday
Freaky Friday is in a league of its own. There are several movie iterations of the “body swap” idea, but the one with Lindsay Lohan and Jaime Lee Curtis is most likely the funniest. Why else would it be regarded as a classic chick flick?

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